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Hello! I'm Elizabeth and I blog over at hamiltonchicklets with my talented sister Sara. Although I primarily sew for my two adorable little kiddos, I have also been known to sew a wee bit for myself. My sister also shares her sewing and knitting projects so hopefully there is a little something of interest for everyone. In the meantime, I am super excited to be a part of Magda's refashion month... hope you like what I've done which you can see here!



Refashion Month |Sew Shelly Sew|

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Hi, my name is Shelly!  I am a Stay at Home Mommy to 3 awesome children (and my husband lives here to, lol)...2 boys and a baby girl.  They keep me pretty busy during the day, but after they go to bed I love love love to sew and on Mondays I take a break to watch The Bachelor(ette) ;-). Before I was a mom I worked as an Actuary, which has to do with Math/Statistics, so I approach sewing like a puzzle...and I love all the numbers/logic involved!  I have a harder time with the creativity part, but I'm trying!  Come visit me over at my bloghttps://sewshellysew.wordpress.com!

See Shelly's refashion here!


Glimpse of our last week #5

This past week wasn't a week of a lot of photography over here. Well, we did take hundreds of new photos, but they were all of the sweetest faces and poses little S. makes. We've also been a little bit more tired than before because he decided that if we're (and by "we" I mostly mean "I") not holding him, or feeding him, he's crying. This week has been about cuddling and caring for the little mister. I also had my niece staying over which has been great to keep the little miss busy and distracted (because her brother requests so much attention from me, I fear to fail her). S. has been wearing mommy's handmades (and friends handmades too) but he's growing out of the onesies already - in just two weeks). I miss sewing. This past week, the only thing I was able to accomplish was fixing a dress I made to order and wasn't yet quite right on the little girl I made it for. So, yes. I miss sewing and I hope I can get to it this weekend still. Yesterday was daycare's final year party, and it was so much fun. The party was 80's themed but many people didn't get in the role. I did, and my sister and the kids. G. spent most of the time in the swing. There ain't a thing she loves most. 


Refashion Month |CarissaKnits|

Hello, everyone! I'm Carissa from CarisssaKnits. I've always had the urge to make stuff, but although my mother taught me how to use a sewing machine when I was young, I didn't really pick it back up until much later. I began to dabble in refashioning a couple years ago after weight loss left my wardrobe seriously lacking. Since then, this hobby has become an obsession as I've built up my skills and filled my closet with one-of-a-kind creations.

One of my recent projects was a major overhaul on these boring pants...

DIY Cargo Skirt

...to turn them into a cute cargo skirt for summer.

DIY Cargo Skirt

You can read more and see the whole process on my blog. I hope you'll pop over for a visit.

And finally, I want to thank Magda for hosting another refashion month, and thank you all for welcoming me. It's a honor to be included in this creative extravaganza!


My Weekly Refashion Share #3 |Peter Pan Collar Tutorial|

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Today I am sharing an outfit I made for G. I've been wanting to share this one on the blog for sooooo long, because it was one of those we fall in love with even before we finish sewing it. In one of my charity shopping trips I saw a pair of women's size flowerly capris, and I had my eye on it. I didn't bring it home because I was convinced to bring only the kind of pieces I went there looking for. But everytime I went there, they were still hanging, calling out for me, and eventually, one of those days, it came home. 

So, for 1€ only, I thought I could make my daughter a new pair of skinny jeans, since I had just made a few pairs back then and it can get quite addicting when you're in love with a pattern. But then something lightened my brain and I was reminded of a great free shorts pattern I had seen many months before, and wanted to try ever since. It was time to do it and so I did. But, not only I made a pair of shorts from these old capris, I was also able to make another Izzy top out of the pieces I had left. AND I have even put up a tutorial for you on how to add a peter pan collar to your Izzy top/dress as I did for my Izzy Paris look

First things first, let me start with the shorts. The pattern I've used was the City Shorts Pattern, which is a 3-4y sized pattern, given away for free by Monica, over Another Dress. The fact that it was 3-4y sized kept me from sewing it earlier, especially because I have a skinny princess. I decided to go for it though and if it turned out too big, we could always wait until she grew into it. I just used a little less lenght in the elastic for it to fit her skinny waist as changes to the pattern, for all the rest I followed instructions, and I loved the final results. Once she saw them finished, she loved it too. I had them hanging and everyday she would ask me if those were made for her. The best thing is that I am sure this is something she will be able to wear for a long long time, once that waist gets too tight I can always replace the elastic for a longer one. And, because the fabric is a slightly stretchy denim, she can even wear it in different year seasons, with or without layers. 

Of course, I loved the scraps way too much to part from them, they were begging me to be used too, and I couldn't resist the plea. I had another Izzy Top in mind. I had just finished and publish the Paris look one, and Teri, the designer of this great pattern asked me if I could put up a tutorial on how to add a peter pan collar to her top (or give her permision to do so herself), and I immediately said yes, of course I would do it. It's a pleasure! Here's a reminder of that top:

Today, I am happy to finally share the tutorial on how to draft and add a peter pan collar to your Izzy top too. 

Drafting your own collar:
Start your Izzy top and follow Teri's tutorial up until step 10. Then come back here and draft your collar. 

In the 4th photo above, I've added just 1cm (3/4"), but you can add a bit more if wanted, just depends on how you want your collar to look like. The same happens with the width, mine isn't a very big collar, so you can add as many cm or inches as you'd feel comfortable with. 

Sewing your collar:

For this top I used the same fabric for the outside and inside of collar, but if you check the one above (the black and white one), there's faux leather with applications on the outside and stripped fabric on the inside. If you're using different fabrics too, you should cut 2 interfacing, 2 main fabric and 2 lining fabric pieces. If adding any applications, make sure to add them before you sew any pieces together. When interfacing, you can pick either the 2 main fabric pieces or the lining ones, it doesn't really matter. Then put main and lining right sides together pin and sew as shown on pictures above. 

Go back to Teri's tutorial to seehow to add the bodice lining, and come right back here.

And that's it. If you have any doubts, please feel free to ask and I will help if I can. 


Refashion Month |SewsnBows|

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Amy from SewsNBows
Hi, I'm Amy! My husband and I own a small business, and I work at home. In my spare time, I hoard fabric & patterns; and sew when I should really be doing laundry. I like to sew children's clothing, and I use the scraps to make and sell doll clothes in my Etsy shop. I've recently started trying to make myself clothing, which is a challenge because patterns never fit me right! I organize my thoughts and ideas on the blog. I'm so happy to be here at House of Estrela!
  Refashion boys overalls into a cute dress! Easy tutorial.

Please come see my super easy overall dress refashion. If you have time, leave a comment or find me on social media. I love meeting new sewing friends!


Refashion Month |Gracious Threads|

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Hello! I am Jess from Gracious Threads, and I am thrilled to be part of Refashion Month here at House of Estrela

I blog about everything sewing, mostly clothing projects for myself and my 3 children. I've recently published several sewing patterns; you can find them in my Etsy shop

Today I will be sharing with you a summer outfit I made for my oldest daughter. As she grows older and her style changes, I've needed to expand my sewing technique skill set and look for inspiration. I hope this post inspires you!

Click on the picture for the full post! 

Thanks for having me Magda! 
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