31 Days Of Halloween

It's my pleasure to be guest posting over Get Your Crap Together today, for her 31 Days of Halloween Series. Make sure you go there and learn some more about my Last Minute Witch Costume


The Rowan Tee |Pattern testing|

If there is a thing I love is to test new patterns. One of the best designers I've ever worked with is Laura from Titchy Threads. I have loved testing for her every-single-time I did, and she doesn't disappoint with her patterns... ever! 
This is not the last test I did for her, but it's the last I can blog about:
The Rowan Tee Pattern. It's a unisex pattern, with 144 combinations possible from all the fun features it comes with. For my skinny girl I made the 18-24m size, with 2T lenght (or was it 3T?! - oopppsss I can't tell anymore and it wasn't that long ago). I did the short sleeved hooded option, which will be great for layering in the next couple of months when it gets colder. 

I refashioned two t-shirts from dad to make this one, and I also used scraps from a white shirt to make the lining of this shirt. I messed up with the hood finishes because i misunderstood the instructions, remember it was made during the testing period and a few photos were missing from the tutorial yet. Keep in mind it was my own mistake and not at all the pattern's instructions! To be honest, though, I kinda like it this way too. 

Did you recognise her jeans? Yes! They still fit, though I guess it won't be for too long. 


The Betty Skirt Pattern Tour

If you don't know the Shaffer Sister's already, then you've been missing a lot. They are three amazing sisters that sew and blog together over here. They are some of the nicest and kindest bloggers I've got to know in many years blogging, and because of that it is an honour and huge pleasure for me to be part of their pattern tour today. 

The Betty Skirt is their first pattern available. It has recieved several improvements lately, and it's a fantastic pattern because, one: it has 4 different options (Gathered, Gathered with Placket, Small Pleats, Large Pleats). two: you can skip printing the pattern and just follow instructions on how to cut. three: it's really quick and easy to sew. four: it ranges from Newborn  to 16X plus a bonus 18" doll size. How great is that?! Also, there's detailed and useful information on how to adjust the pattern for a perfect fit. But there's more, in their blog you can find a free printable of a Betty Skirt Coloring Page/Paperdoll. Click here to download it. Print it and have your girl designing her own skirt. 

For now, I have done the gathered option, but I sure want to try to make some pleats in the future. My girl is not a skirts girl, she rather wear a pair of leggings or jeans (shorts are a must in Summer too), but skirts aren't usually something she bares to wear for too long. However, it twirls. And that makes this skirt so much fun for her. She kept jumping around. As for myself, I loved the fact that it isn't too short. I don't like when her underwear shows everytime she moves. 

This is a refashioned skirt. Well, I used scraps of the brown fabric. And I used left overs from a dress I've cut last year and made into a tunic for my mom. They are both made from a soft and light cotton and I love how they look together. one thing I realised is that I need to sew a shirt that matches the skirt, I barely found something in her huge wardrobe. So many clothes and nothing that would look good with it.

Make sure you visit all the bloggers in this tour and check the versatility of this pattern. If you want to get your own and start making your own Betty's, grab the 30% coupon code BETTYTOUR in their shop, by clicking HERE.


Glimpse of our last week #18

This is where I show you bits and parts of our week behind the scenes.

So, another week that went by too quickly. G. started with a cold, but she was over it soon, I got it after her and have been like that all week. I feel awful, even though I am much better now. the kids have been hard to put to sleep lately, so we're pretty much more than tired. G. and I separated all the coins she saved into bags to put it on their account. I breatfeed with a cat on my lap. a little refashionista on the way? I found G. with her leggings in her head "it's a hat" - she said. We went to an annual fair, and G. had a blast with her cousins. S. is growing so fast and doing new things everyday. When I pick G. from school, we usually visit dad at work. I made and sold a pocket sling. I founf the first two numbers of a new magazine with kids clothes and accessories - I loved it! And I finished my latest Bumblebee dress... 


Wedding Guest Dress for my girl

After the baby suit, it is time to share with you all, the dress I made for my girl. She totally felt like a little princess, and danced non stop. She was so happy at her cousin's wedding!

Apparently I have a favourite pattern when it comes to girl's dresses, and it is the Bumblebee by Sewing Mama RaeAnna. All the previous ones I made confirm this (and there's even another one cut and ready to sew). 

I've mixed view A and view B of the pattern. The bodice is lined with a cotton red fabric. The main fabric of the dress, is the same I used for my pregnancy pants, and the ruffles are made with chifon. All fabric was in my stash. The chifon was given to me a few years ago by my in-law and she couldn't even remember when she saw the dresses (I used the same fabrics in my own). 

I was going to put on a cute button on the back, but I ran out of grey thread and it wouldn't be enough to sew a button hole, plus it wouldn't look as cute with a different one, so I just sewed on a metallic snap and it was ready to party. 

And here's a summary of all my Bumblebees, just in case you've missed any and you're curious:


Glimpse of our last week #17

This is where I show you bits and parts of our week behind the scenes.

It was a pretty ordinary week. No big events, no big things done. Shopping for food, eating deliciously, watching the first episodes of Grey's Anatomy's season 11... I got my birthday present a little earlier the day. Spent most mornings at V.'s work place, cuddled my baby who by the way is holding his toys already. And, I've tested another pattern.


Suit for my baby boy

When I first knew about my niece's wedding, first thing I thought was "what will I sew us for the event?!" Yes, that's right! I was so happy to have an excuse to sew some fancy clothes than just the practical ones I've been sewing lately. 

A couple of weeks before the wedding I made the first outfit. And that first outfit was made for the smallest person in this house, my adorable  3m old baby boy. He looks just like a miniature man in his suit and everyone was melting over him. However, he wasn't so happy when I put it on for the first time. I was always a fan of little girls. Dresses and skirts and pretty things, after all, I learnt to sew as I created a full wardrobe for my barbie dolls as a child. Now that I have the chance to sew more often to a boy, I am surprised at how much I enjoy to do it. Before S. I would occasionally sew for my nephew but he wasn't really happy about the things I made him, and I totally understand why.

Back to the suit itself. Nahhhh, I didn't refashion this time. But I was able to use fabric from my stash. The main fabric is light grey with very thin white stripes. I bought it on sales, I guess this year already. For the vest lining I used purple satin I had left after an order (so, free fabric). For the inseam pockets and tie, I used scraps from an adorable quilt fabric. I bought the onesie for 1.99€ and that's all I spent to make it. Buttons were also in my stash forever.

Although I have a couple of vest patterns, none of them went all the way down to size 3M, but that's fine. I grabbed my favourite baby shirt pattern (used it here, here & here) and adjusted it in order to get a vest pattern. It couldn't be better. It was so easy and it's so tiny that I got it sewn in a blink of an eye.

I wasn't as lucky with the pants. I didn't have a pattern smaller than 6M with the design I was searching for, and I didn't care to draft my own this time. I had the perfect pattern, exactly what I wanted in size 6M. I guessed that would work, so I used a Burda pattern for this.

The onesie, as I said before, was store bought. All I had to do was cutting and patch a tie into it. It was a major success all through the party. I didn't try the whole thing on him until the day and as expected, the pants were a bit too large on him, but that's fine, he'll be wearing it for a little longer. The onesie was just the right size and I loved the see it on him. 
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