Fashion Revolution Day: Handmade #insideout

Just like many other bloggers, today I took the pledge to wear one of my handmade items inside out. Today, is the first Fashion Revolution Day, which I have told you about a couple of weeks ago. The movement started in response to the collapse of the textile factory Rana Plaza in Dhaka, Bangladesh which happened one year ago today, and we all are trying to raise awareness of what's going on behind the factory clothes we buy. 

In our house, most of our clothes (mostly for me and my daughter, and now for the little boy in that belly) are hand-me-downs, thrifted or handmade. I haven't been buying new clothes for about two years, unless a few exceptions. I can sew! And that helps a lot, but if you can't, and have to buy your clothes, why don't you try to know a bit more about who made them and how they made them? What conditions do that people have to work?

Read more about it HERE


Challenge Create: Adult Edition |week 4|

This is it, the fourth and last week of Challenge Create. It has been great but I have struggled this last week.
The theme was “Destash”, and well, that is exactly what I’ve been doing for the last couple of years, so this should have been an easy week. But I’ll be honest! It wasn’t! So many things went wrong. My pregnant body is getting bigger and bigger and all the sewing I’ve been doing lately, all the hours up late (not only because of Challenge Create but all of the other challenges I decided to step up to), it all has started to weight and I felt so tired (Braxton Hicks all the time too), so for a couple of days I didn’t do anything. I just couldn’t. Then on Wednesday I had visits for lunch, and some family came over for Easter and my sewing time was so limited. But I made it!

 I really thought I wouldn’t be able to have an outfit done for this week’s entry. I even considered giving up on the pieces I was making and start all over with something quite simple. But, even though I finished it so close to the deadline, even though I had just a little time to shoot the photos, |the weather went crazy and rained like crazy, we had to shoot inside again|, even though my thread was almost finished before I sewn every seam, even though I had to deal with a tantrum kid in one day and a sick one the next (same kid, yeah!) taking all my sewing time away, even though I went to bed at 1 a.m. I am glad I’ve gone with the first project.

Well, it wasn't really my first idea. I dreamed about making a matching outfit for the hubby and myself (and maybe the girl in our lives), but of course, at some point I realised that wouldn't be possible. So, before picking any patterns, I went looking at my fabric stash. Not long ago I've been organizing it, it made my life easier to have everything lined up. I picked this very light grey cotton. It's not in the stash for a long time, contrary to most of my stuff (because I've been trying to use what I have instead of buying any new ones). I bought it already in 2014, and I am sure if it wasn't for this challenge it would just sit there for a much longer time. 

I decided to make a pair of trousers with it. What?! Yeah! I just went a little crazy here. It was the only piece of clothing I said I wouldn't be making because I already had two maternity pants and didn't need a third pair. But this would allow me to use a lot of the fabric, and it fits a more classic look, and who knows when I'll need it? I know I don't have that much time to use it, but this is a very fresh fabric and I'll surely appreciate it when the weather finally warms up for good. I used a regular women's trousers pattern from Burda, it has two pleats on the front and two on the back and side pockets. It original had a high waist but of course I had to adjust that to maternity wear. I've cut it on the front and attached a knit band that goes all over my belly. To make this, I used an old shirt, and an elastic on the top of the band so it will fit until the end of the pregnancy. 

When I figured one of the pieces, I had to start to think of something else to go with it. Again, before going into the patterns, I first went looking into the fabric stash. I had this mustard piece of fabric that I had been saving (for years) to make something special. It was the best colour to go with the grey pants, so I picked it. Then I chose the pattern to the tunic, it was from a maternity clothes Brazilian magazine. I loved the pattern, but the picture of the tunic they had kept me septic about it until I finally started doing my own.

The tunic turned to be my favourite piece from this week, and one of the top ones from the four weeks. I just love the details. I tried to follow the pattern instructions, but they were so basic that I was quite confused when I got to the button placket. I just couldn't put it together and I had to work it out on my own. It has some decorative zebra printed ribbon on the chest. It closes in the front with three wood buttons, from my stash, just like the ribbon. Another feature of the tunic, is the pleats on the front. And I can wear it while nursing too! Extra points. 

So, even though it was finished on the last minute, the photoshoot was quick and conditioned by the weather, I am pleased with my last outfit for Challenge Create. And this makes a great outfit to leave the hospital in great style, don't you think? 

the back isn't stained! It was wet from my hair!

As in the 3 previous weeks, everyday from the week there will be a contestant showing their creations. On Friday, the votes begin, so don't forget to go there and click on your favourite. If it happens to be mine, thank you very much. Our scores from all the previous weeks will be combined and the one with the highest score will be the winner of the competition. Check them all over Skirt Fixation.


Sneak Peak

Tomorrow I will be sharing my last look for the Challenge Create Competition. 
Curious to know what I made? 
Here's a little peak at my belly and creation, but you'll have to come back tomorrow for the whole look. 



I'm happy to share, another feature of one of my creations over at Threading My Way. 

Threading My Way_Featured

This time with the baby outfit I did for S. 

Click picture to take you to original post. 


Challenge Create: Adult Edition |week 3|

What a week! What a theme!

When I first knew the themes, I was very excited with them all. Then I started to feel depressed about this third week. Vintage... a hint of it... so many possibilities, so many great things I could do... if I wasn't pregnant. No matter what time from the past I'd pick to get inspired by, there were always garments I was sure I couldn't turn into maternity wear. This would be the week I'd go back to the era of the corsets. Did I ever mention how much I love them? I am pretty sure I did. But, there's no way I can fit into a corset right now. I went for a 50's inspired look after all... Just a bit... 

I tried my best to fit the look with the make up and hair, ahahaha... I have a lot of hair, and it's pretty wild, I rarely can make anything out of it on my own, so I am pretty happy with how it turned out after all. I've always, always loved the pin up look, but never believed I'd look good on it, because I'm so skinny. Being pregnant though, I'm having just a few extra weight and that makes a huge difference. I felt so good with the entire look, and I guess is shows in the photos. I had to sit for this photo, it was a request from my daughter. 

My main (vintage) focus was the skirt. I didn’t want to make a very complicated one. I wanted something with some twirl, suitable during pregnancy and after. And I was sure I wanted to use the red plaid fabric I had in my stash for years. To get this look all I did, was to sew a fabric tube, hem it, shirr the top of it and attach to a rib knit band. Skirt done!

To complete my vintage look I needed something for the top. And at 26-27 weeks long, I started thinking not so much of only flowy clothes to wear during pregnancy, but also something, I could possibly wear after, suitable for nursing too. Yes, I believe nursing is important, and having clothes that allows an easier nursing period even better. Especially, when you’re not a huge fan of button up shirts, which is where I fit. I’ve had this idea in mind for quite a while and was sure I wanted to use it during the challenge. It’s not my own idea though, I’ve seen it a couple times online. SO, what was it? Making a top, with access to nursing, by adding two openings on each side.

I drafted the top pattern out of one of my store bought shirts. The original had some puckering on the front, a circle collar and was about my waist long. For my own, I wanted the collar to be slightly squared shaped so the openings would look better. I did the openings with this technique here, and used snaps to close it. And I made it much longer, as a tunic. I like it so much I've been wearing it for two days already. 

Although this was the most fearful challenge for me so far, we got the best photoshoot after all. All the photos had something we loved and it was hard to select which ones to use. I guess having my little miss literaly telling me which poses I should be making, made it a fun family event (daddy was taking the photos). 

Quite a simple outfit this time, that works just great for me and my figure at the moment. For this photoshoot I’ve used a belt, but I can also wear it without it, works well both ways. And I totally can wear the tunic in a less formal way, with a pair of leggings. You ca see the three ways I’ve been wearing them below.

After having enough photos of my own, we finally let her join in the fun (she played the photographer as daddy was taking these photos, but she was wanting to join me too), and we got all this sweet mom and daughter shoots. How great is that?! 

Now go and vote for your favourite look HERE!


Tiny Little Clothes |PR&P9#4|

Last week of the ninth season over Project Run & Play and it means Signature Style everyone. Sewing along PR&P has helped me define what I'm all about when I sew for my kid(s!). I would always put a lot of thinking into this week's look, when sewing along with previous seasons, but this time, I was sure that whatever I did, was my signature, so I just did whatever I wanted/needed to do. 

Yes... I've realised I am pretty pratical and functional when it comes to dress my girl, and now the boy (on his way). I always try to fill gaps in the wardrobe, and sew from my stash or refashioning pile. That is absolutely part of me when it comes to sewing for them (or myself actually). And refashion I did again, of course. I did an outfit for the boy this time. It includes the pants I made during KCW and another onesie. I had planned two looks for this week, one for each kid, but I realised it was time to slow down a little. I started sewing her look too, but the top was left to do later, so today I'm only bringing in the boy look...

Both pieces are newborn sized. The pants (Small Fry Skinny Jeans Pattern) are 0-3M as I mentioned in the previous post, and the onesie is 0-1M size (self drafted). These are pretty tiny pieces, funny how quick we forget how small they are right after we deliver them. And how quick they'll grow out of these.

But I so wanted to make something special for my boy. He'll get a lot of onesies from his big sister (we have many neutrals), so I figured some mommy made with so much love pieces would make the difference. It's not like he'll care that much anyway, right? 

I used his sister's stained shirt for the left frontal panel of the onesie and for a sleeve. Then I used a tank top of my own for the other front panel, back and second sleeve. I used scraps from the black t-shirt I've turned into leggings for G. back in week 1, to make the bias that finishes off. On the back I've appliqued a star cut from the black scraps too. That was not decorative intention; half way through sewing the onesie I found two little holes in the fabric. That star was my way to cover them and save all the work I had had so far. I don't like the white panel like it is right now... I want to stencil something into it, but I'm still not quite sure what. Ideas and suggestions are welcomed! I still need to attach snaps to the onesie, just like the (long sleeved) first one... but I have to buy them first. 

The pants are so tiny, so cute it hurts. I have used the same fabric from my maternity shorts, scraps of blue from the overalls I made for G. back in February for the waistband and front pockets lining. I used a button from my stash but it's mainly decorative. To make it functional, I added a secret snap. It has been fun sewing for the boy for a change. I always thought my boy clothes would end too girly, but I am taking some time thinking what colours would be more appropriate for the boy, what kind of patterns would I like to use the most... just trying to figure things out in my mind and go ahead and try one after the other, bit by bit. 

So, here's my Project Run & Play, Season 9 recap...

Week 1 |Take me to the Zoo| Panda Inspired - 3 pieces (1 for the boy; 2 for the girl)

Week 2 |Spring Break| Paris Inspired - 2 pieces (for the girl)
Week 3 |Design Your Own Fabric| Potato Printing - 2 pieces (for the boy)

and of course, today's post...
Week 4 |Signature Style| 2 pieces (for the boy)

I pretty much had a black and white PR&P season... did you realise that before I even mention it? and I had plans to continuing through week 4, but changed my mind at the very last minute. The onesie has a bit of black and white flow too, but the stripes are actually of a greyish green. 


KCW |days 3-4-5 & 6|

Kids Clothes Week ends tomorrow. I have only blogged daily for the first and second day of it. when day 3 came, I started to feel tired, and as much as I like what I am doing here, I was forced to let it go a little. Rest a bit more than what I was doing. For day 3, I didn't even grab a pin for the entire day. But I still wanted to make something each day, for the rest of the week. Not all I had planned at first, but keep doing the 1h thing at least... (the hour I didn't sew in day 3 had already been used before, since I did well over 1h for the previous day and the one before too). 

On day 4 - I was able to spend the day hours sewing for my Challenge Create project, and only after bedtime I was in a mood for KCW sewing. I did some fabric pieces cutting, and started piecing my latest Small Fry Skinny Jeans. On the photo I show you how it was when I stopped and went to bed. 

On day 5 - I was able to sew during the morning and a little in the afternoon. The pants were nearly finished, only the waistband was left to do. I did that after bedtime again, later, but didn't take a photo. All that was left for day 6 (today) was adding a button (and snaps inside). And sew belt loops down. 

On day 6 - I finished what needed to be finished. Better pictures will be taken soon. I've mentioned before, but it's never enough, I'm waiting at anytime now, that my camera dies, I know its end is close, and my pictures keep getting a weird look... sorry!

Now, this, as I mentioned above, are another pair of Smalll Fry Skinny Jeans, my fifth. I have been able to make a different size each time. This is a 0-3M sized one. You just can't believe how tiny it is until you have it in your hands. How is this mini me (this season's theme for KWC) related? Well, I have used the same fabric that I did for the maternity shorts I made for the first week of Challenge Create, so my baby will be matching me once he's born. I still have enough of that to make something for the big sister too... so who knows?!
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