July Wrap Up

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Julho foi um mês agitado. Um mês muito, muito agitado, com imensas festas. Começou no dia 2 com o primeiro aniversário do meu bebé. Depois, a 5 festejámos o dele e o dela, juntos numa festa arco íris. Acharam todos que era devido ao orgulho gay (na altura andava tudo colorido pelo facebook), mas apesar de ser a favor de direitos iguais para todos os seres humanos, a festa arco íris estava decidida havia muito mais tempo que isso. No fim de semana seguinte, tivemos um casamento, e no sábado mais um aniversário de uma amiguinha. No dia 17 foi a festa de fim de ano no infantário da G., cujo tema foi noite branca e da qual já vos tinha falado. No dia 26, foi o namorido que festejou mais um aniversário (sim, os meus amores fazem todos anos de carreirinha) mas trabalhou nesse dia e só festejámos no dia 28, dia aliás, do aniversário da minha sobrinha, mas ela estava num campo de férias. Fomos várias vezes à praia, fomos a um restaurante italiano, a G. recebeu uma bicicleta nova. Adoro ver os meus miúdos quando dormem, e o S. tem umas formas de o fazer bem cómicas. Já gatinha tão rápido (e a G. gatinha com ele), e já se levanta, embora agarrado a alguma coisa.

July was a busy month. A very, very busy month with a lot of partying. It started the 2nd with my baby boy's first birthday. Then, on the 5th we celebrated his and his big sister's birthdays in a rainbow themed party. Everyone thought it was all the about the gay pride (which was all over facebook back then), but although we support equal rights for all human beings, the rainbow party was decided long before that. The next weekend, we had a wedding to go to on Saturday and another birthday party from a friend on Sunday. The 17th was G.'s end of school party, with the White Night themed, I told you about before. On th 26th was the hubby's birthday (yes, all my loves have their birthdays in a row) but because he was working we only celebrated it on the 28th, which was actually my niece's birthday too. We didn't celebrate hers that day though, she was at a camp. We did a lot of beach, had dinner at an Italian restaurant, G. got a new bike. I love watching my kids sleep and S. does it in very funny ways. He's crawling so fast (and G. crawls with him), and he's standing although he has to hold to something yet. 

Quando toca ao blog, afastei-me um pouco. Passo aqui diariamente, mas quase não estou. Concentrei-me em passar mais tempo fora com os meus filhos, a ter refeições prontas para o meu pai que tem estado por cá há mais de um mês já, e costurar não tem sido uma das minhas prioridades. Dias houve em que me sentei em frente ao material, ou dá máquina (não costumo sentar-me para costurar mas tenho tido as pernas tão pesadas devido ao calor que tenho mesmo de me sentar), e simplesmente não me senti capaz. Graças às minhas convidadas, O Refashion Month manteve o blog ativo, e as publicações constantes. Tivemos - mais uma vez - muita inspiração e ótimas dicas. Podem ler todos os posts AQUI, ou simplesmente carregar em cada um por separado nos links abaixo.

I've kept my distance when it comes to blogging. I was here everyday, but I wasn't at the same time. I have focused on being out with my kids, have meals ready for my father who's been staying with us for over a month already, and sewing wasn't just one of my priorities lately. There were days when I'd sat before my supplies, or the sewing machine (I usually stand, but my legs have been too heavy because of the heat and I have to sit) and just didn't feel it. Thanks for my guests, Refashion Month kept the blog active, and posts coming. We had - again - a lot of inspiration coming and great tips shared. You can check all the posts HERE, or just click the links below for specific days. 

Como faço sempre, também eu participei na série, e aqui ficam as minhas contribuições semanais:

As I always do, I too particiated in the series, and those were my contribution: 


Além de organizar o Refashion Month, ainda tive o prazer de me juntar a outra série e um tour. Fiz parte da série Savings Made by Sewing com algumas dicas de como poupar em moldes. Partilhei um tutorial no meu blog e uma publicação completa no blog da Dana. Também fiz parte do tour para o livro S is for Sewing, e pude fazer duas carteiras e uma t-shirt super divertida. 

Apart from hosting Refashion Month, I had the pleasure to join other series and a tour. I was part of the Savings Made by Sewing series with some tips on saving in patterns. I shared a tutorial in my own blog, and a full post over Dana's blog. I was also part of the S is for Sewing E-book tour, and I got to make two clutches and a very fun t-shirt. 



Reviewing my 2015 goals

I wanted to do this about a month ago, as a half year balancing of the goals I would try to complete during this year. The thing is that 2015 is past half way through (still can't believe it!), and I am not too happy with myself. I promised to do my best to get my goals done, but I don't think I have. More than anything, I've been overwhelmed, just it. Even with so much less to do, the feeling just won't let go. 

So, anyway... my #1 goal was: Sew more of what my kids need - I believe this is the only goal that more or less has been acomplished. By passing a lot of pattern test calls with garments that they don't need, I focused on the ones we liked best and were actually missing. It hasn't been perfect, but it's the goal I can feel more proud of. 

#2 goal: Sew more for myself - I made myself a shirt, a pair of shorts, a bikini and a dress (haven't blogged about this last one yet). I could have been doing more. I still have 5 months left to work on that, so hopefully, I can at least equal the amount of clothes I sewed myself last year. 4 in 7 months is not a lot. 

#3 goal: Sew for the husband - zero. That's all I have to say. I've purchased some fabric just for him, though... 

#4 goal: Sew presents ahead - I was doing so well until around May, then I just got behind and I have no more gifts ready to give. 

#3 goal: Sewing for my house - I can't really think of anything I've done for my house right now. Maybe I haven't done anything at all. 

Apart from the goals I mentioned I also wanted to keep sewing from my stash and refashioning, saving as much as I could as always. But I just couldn't do it. With the excuse of having a wedding to sew for, I went to Spain a few times, shopping for fabric and in all those times I brought more than I should. I also bought a few fabric pieces locally and even online, which is something I don't usually do. I've also been taking note of how much I spend on sewing and craft supplies and that'ssomething I will only check (total) by the end of the years. I believe I've been spending more than I ever did the previous years, it's like I was hunger to buy, just because. 


Refashion Month with Sew Thrifty

So sorry for the late posting today, we have been having some technical problems to post this, but here it is, and quickly we  have reached the last day of the month, the last day of this year's series too. To finish this roll of great inspiration bloggers I have the perfect guest for the job, Dana, from Sew Thrifty. Just a few days ago, I had the pleasure to be part of her series on how to save while sewing and I loved that so much, because you know, that's what I am always trying to do. Check out her blog for a lot of upcycling ideas. 


Hello, my name is Dana, and I sew and save over at Sew Thrifty. I've just finished off a month of amazing thrifty sewing tips and refashioning is one of many routes I take to save money while sewing. Today I'm excited to share the first look at a wedding outfit I refashioned for my son!

My brother's wedding was just over 2 weeks ago and I knew for several months that I wanted to sew all the outfits for my family for the event. And, why not upcycle and use free patterns for everything too, right? Well, I was able to accomplish most of that. The pattern for my dress was free, the fabric for my daughter's dress and headband were free, and I found a dress that worked perfectly for my baby so I didn't have to sew anything for her. But today, I'm focusing on my boy. We don't get dressed up much at all, so this wedding was the perfect excuse for me to go crazy sewing something fancy for him. My son's outfit turned out to be the best use of free patterns and upcycled materials, so that's the one I wanted to showcase for you today.

  Thrifty Handmade Wedding, a refashion by Sew Thrifty 

The original shirt was my husband's favorite shirt, but the collar was coming apart and just wasn't ok for him to wear to work anymore. He hated to give it up, so I snuck it away years ago in hopes of using it for a refashion one day. And today is the day! For the vest, I thrifted a pair of dress pants. The original intent was to find a jacket, but the pattern I used didn't fit the jackets I found, so I decided on pants. And, I found these for 50% off - only $2! I tried to keep the original welted pockets, but they were slightly too big, so I had to sew my own. You can see here how the cuffs from the original shirt were used for my son's shirt. I loved that I didn't have to sew all that. And the buttons were reused as well! I did have to improvise on the collar, since I couldn't re-use that section and I was running out of fabric. Luckily I had some spare white cotton that I used to line the inside of the collar, since that section wouldn't really get seen anyway and the outside of the collar came from the back of the original shirt. 

Thrifty Handmade Wedding, a refashion by Sew Thrifty
{Do-da-doo! Here comes the bride!}

The vest came together nicely, even though I wasn't able to use any of the original pockets from the pants. I lined it with a khaki cotton someone had given me from their stash. Then I accented it with orange buttons. Yes, I went with orange

{ok, Mama, enough with all this wedding stuff, where's the cake?!}

The tie was made from a free pattern as well, along with scraps of fabric that was given to me. And his pants and shoes were given to me by a friend. His whole outfit came to a whopping $5, since I include the price of thread, buttons, and the clasp for the tie. Not too bad for a fancy wedding outfit. I might be able to afford to dress him up more often.

If you're interested in learning more about the rest of my thrifty wedding outfits, come on over to my blog next week. The last-minute flower girl dress has a story so great I can't wait to share it!

Thanks so much Magda for having me as a part of your amazing refashion month!

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Refashion Month with Just Another Project

Kelly from Just Another Project, is my guest blogger today. Her blog is the last new to me blog for the series. It was nice to discover what she writes about, which is a bit of everything, things she does with her kids, sewing, food, just random stuff from her daily life, and I also discovered her fun Kelly Designs pattern shop. Kelly has refahioned a complete outfit for herself. Sometimes I am told, it is easy for me to refashion because I do it for my kids, or myself (I'm small), and here she proves that adults can refashion a smaller piece into a bigger one too, just using a bit of creativity. 

Hi! I'm Kelly from Just Another Project, where I blog about much anything.  I'm excited to join in Refashion Month!  I discovered the joy of refashioning last fall when I was making my self some maternity shirts, and have mostly just upcycled some of my husband's shirts into clothes for my boys.  This spring, my husband and I did a much-needed purging of our wardrobes. I've been having fun going through the cast-offs and repurposing them, mostly downsizing t-shirts to fit my sons. I decided to make myself an upcycled outfit and this is what I came up with.   I started with my old denim skirt and a t-shirt of my husband's.
This skirt was a favorite of mine in high school and college.

I bought it over 15 years ago it has seen a lot of wear. However, after a 9.5 pound Baby Boy #2 it no longer fits around my hips.  I really am kind of clueless about current fashion trends but I doubt this skirt is currently in style. So, after accepting the fact I was never going to fit into it again (I'll be honest, that took a couple weeks), I took some scissors to it.
This was a fairly simple refashion.  I could have kept it long, but decided to go for a different look.  First I cut off some length.

Then I cut the front and back apart at the side seams.

After do some measuring and calculating I drafted the triangular piece that I inserted in the sides. I added to the top to form a waist band and the bottom for the hem. The panel that I inserted I the sides is a layer of lace backed with some unbleached muslin, both from large scraps in my stash.

I sewed in the panels between the front and back of the skirt, folded over the top to match the waist band, and hemmed the bottom.

I had originally planned on putting lace around the bottom, but I am not an overly feminine person, and my husband and I agreed that that would just be way too much lace for me.  
The shirt started as one of my husband's t-shirts that had shrunk after going through the wash. 

To make the shirt I used the Laced Ladies Top pattern from Koerb Brothers Stitch Designs. I easily fit a size small on the men's medium t-shirt. The lace was not an upcycle; I purchased it from Hancock Fabric for this project.

I made coordinating headband with some fabric scraps and fold over elastic from this skirt, and of course added boots.  My son thought I needed a flower for my photo shoot.

A big thanks to Magda for putting together Refashion Month!  I've had fun seeing everyone's refashions and I hope you have too!


Refashion Month with me - late again

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Já não falta muito para o fim do dia, outra vez. Quase que deixo passar o meu dia de publicar, mas ainda vou a tempo.  Hoje serei breve. Não há muito a dizer. Fiz mais um par de calças da Ottobre, com o mesmo molde que usei na primeira semana da série. Usei um par de calças de fato treino de mulher, e retalhos de uma malha preta, fininha que havia por aqui. 

It's not much left to the end of the day, again. I almost let my own posting day go by, but I am still on time here. Today I won't be long. There's not much to say. I made another pair of the Ottobre pants pattern I did in the first week of the series. I used a women's sportpants, and scraps of a thin black knit I had around. 

Este par acabou por ficar melhor. Aparentemente a Ottobre não traz margem de costura mas na cintura traz sim, as anteriores ficaram com um gancho muito comprido, mas estas ficaram perfeitas. 

This pair ended up better than the first one. Apparently, Ottobre has no seam allowances but it does have it on the waist band, the pants I made before, had a way too big crotch, but those were just perfect. 

Julho está quase a acabar, e com ele o Refashion Month. Ainda temos mais duas convidadas para partilharem as suas publicações, por isso não se esqueçam de cá voltar. 

July is almost over, and so is the Refashion Month. We still have two guests sharing their posts, so make sure you'll be around. 


Refashion Month... Without

I was having Amy from Friends Stitched Together sharing her refashion ways with us today. Unfortunately, as we all know, sometimes life just gets in the middle and things don't go as we expect them to. So, no Amy here today, which doesn't mean you can't visit her (and Tasha's) blog and check out their previous refashions. I'll be back tomorrow with a refashion of my own... hopefully. 

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Refashion Month with Knot So Normal

Today I am welcoming Jonie from Knot So Normal, in the series for the first time. We've been taking part in a few tours, and apart from loving refashioning, she also does crochet and anything she's tempted too, my kind of peson then. I actually relate to her in a lot of ways, not only in sewing, we both have a girl and a boy, we sew, upcycle, do crafts with our kids (letting them use their imagination), and more. I love her project for today, and I hope you too. 


Hi everyone! I am so excited to be here sharing my refashion with you. Refashion and upcyclying are 2 of my favorite parts of sewing. When I started sewing money was really tight, so I dipped into our closets to make stuff. I am ALWAYS scanning clearance racks for items to turn into a one-of-a-kind clothing piece for myself or my kids. I will admit to being a bit stumped for what I wanted to make for this post, so I started browsing through my collection of clothes to be refashioned and I found this coat. I LOVED this coat when I bought it, but it didn't have the best shape so I knew I wanted to turn it into something else. 


Originally I was going to redesign it into a coat for myself, but I am working on the Wardrobe Capsule Challenge by Rebel and Malice and decided to make a jacket for Miss G. After consulting with her she told me she wanted it to be short, warm and have a Halloween Hello Kitty Lining. She also requested one button on it. I think I rocked this one.


 The pattern for this is self-drafted with princess seams on the front and back bodice and a bottom band. I also added inseam pockets because every little girl needs pockets in her jacket. 


I am happy to say that this jacket cost next to nothing. The coat was repurposed, the lining fabric was given to me by my aunt, the buttons were in a HUGE box of notions that I picked up at a yard sale for $3.00. I also added a layer of flannel between the main and lining fabric for extra warmth, it cost me next to nothing also. I picked it up at a yard sale for $.10 a few years ago. 


 As Miss G is getting older I have been trying to up my sewing game and really make things that she is going to LOVE to wear to school and I think that this jacket totally fits the bill.

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