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I am one of the latest bloggers joining the BundleUp tour, so, I guess by now, you've already seen all the patterns in the bundle and have probably get yours too. If not, or if you don't even know what I'm talking about, let me tell you. This is a bundle sell of 11 patterns at a fraction of the cost, in this case especially designed for girls. The more patterns you buy, the more you save. 

Today I get to tell you about three patterns included in this bundle. I was a (happy) tester for two of them, and I did get the third one for free for this tour, but all opinions are my own.

Phresh Blazer by Winter Wear Designs
Let me start with the first one I tested, and let me tell you, one of my favourite patterns ever!!! It was so hard to keep it secret after I did my first (test). I have discovered, as I was putting clothes up in her closet, that I love to sew outerwear for my girl. So it's no surprise that I love this pattern so much. This is the cutest little girls blazer, sizes 1-14, and there are many options to make it your style. It is fitted, long or 3/4 sleeves, gathered or straight sleeve, with or without ruffles on the back (the most adorable feature I know, I skipped them for this one but have done them in the first blazer - which I will be blogging about soon). With or without welt flap pockets. Pattern recommends fabric with some stretch, but you can really use any fabric, just size it up one number. The first blazer I made was a 2T, but it turned out too tight on my little miss because she - apparently - grew in a few weeks since I had measured her. For this one, because I was using a not so stretchy faux leather, I went with size 4 and it's great. I did the straight, 3/4 sleeves option here, and I added the pockets too. The colour blocking on this one is my own, I refashioned leftovers from a coat and it wasn't enough so I had to grab another coat to finish, which was already cut, but it was a different colour though. I didn't have enough of any of these two to make the sleeves one colour only, so I had to get creative and added a band to each sleeve, and prayed that it would work. For the facings I used the same fabric I used for the pants, and I used a black homemade satin bias tape. Because the faux leather doesn't fray, I didn't bother to finish my edges. Little miss loved it too. When I was laying down the clothes for her to put them on, she realised there were two new mommy mades so she asked me "Are we taking pictures, mom?". I couldn't help but smile. 

Freestyle Harem Pants by EYMM
After testing the blazer, the chance to test the pants came along. As soon as I read "harem" pants, I jumped at the oportunity and was so glad I was picked. It was a pattern that I was really missing in my stash. I love the harem pants look, either on my kids or myself, and the only pattern of the same style I had didn't go many sizes up. This one goes from NB to 18T and includes a 18" doll size too. How great is that to get your daughter and doll matching?! And if you are petite as I am, you can even make a pair for yourself too. Actually, I got the bug of making either this or the blazer (or even both) for myself. Who knows?! Anyway, there are 3 lenght options for this: pant, capri or short. You can also do a regular hem, add elastic or use a cuff. There are pleats on the front. The waist band has two options too, one straight or curved on front. Two rows of elastic on the back (in my size, other sizes might have more). I opted for the pant lenght, elastic hem and curved waistband, which is something I love. I didn't use interfacing in this one but I might next time. This is a size 3T and the fit is spot on. I used a vintage satin from my stash. It was there for years and it was given to me by my MIL. I wasn't sure about this fabric print ever since, but because of the drape I tried it on. I wasn't sure at first, but I guess I've learnt to like it. Honest opinions, please?!
Ps - if you'd like to get a version with pockets, click here for a tutorial. 

For the photoshoot we used her new boots which she loved, and we styled the outfit with a rtw shirt, a handmade beret my mom made her (I have a matching one =D), and a scarf I made her, out of leftovers from a previous refashion. It was actually made a long time ago, but I have never blogged about it.

"Adeline" Knit Ruffled Cardigan, Top and Dress by Foo Foo Threads 
I've said this many times before, I know, but I am saying it again. I am not a very ruffly person. I like them here and there, but most of the times I avoid ruffles. When I first saw the "Adeline" pattern though, I was sure I wanted to sew this up, because I saw the potential beyond the ruffles. Hence, my non-ruffled-at-all version of this pattern. The "Adeline" comes with multiple options, and you can make a cardigan (hello!), a drop waist dress or a top with it, with an adorable peter pan collar. As for the sleeves, you can make them gathered, long (with or without ruffles) or short, and even sleeveless. It ranges from size 0-3M to 10Y. It is meant for knit fabrics and the bodice is lined.

For my own, I choose to make a cardigan and I skipped the lining in this one because it was already a sort of heavy knit. It is a refashioned piece too, of course. I used a woman's sized shirt to make it. For the collar, I also used a little piece I had left from another recent refashion for the boy. When asked what she liked best, contrasting collar, or the same fabric, my daughter picked the contrasting, so grey up it is. I used bias tape made out of the same fabric to finish the front pieces and also the collar inside. I opted to add only one button on top to close it instead of a full row of them. I like it this way.

Little miss wasn't so much in the mood for a photoshoot this time. Dad and I both tried to take some nicer shoots but even ourselves, we weren't feeling very inspired. Perhaps because the weather is changing again and a very cold wind was coming. This time we used a rtw shirt and handmade shorts, a refashion from 2013 (and yes, they still fit all along).

It was a pleasure for me to follow up and be part of this tour. Here's a list of everyone who has been blogging about the patterns in the bundleUp. Believe me there have been great things shown, you don't want to miss all the great work from this talented ladies. 

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Glimpse of our last week #28

This is where I show you bits and parts of our week behind the scenes.

With both kids sick, we spent this week mainly in doors. G. made me a neckless out of my tape and took the photo. My mother made her doll a new outfit and sent it through my dad. she missed grandma. A dear friend sent G. some pink tulle through mail, I made something out of it already. G. loves to cut paper, she can spend hours doing that. I am so glad that I can see the sea through my wondow, it's not much, but enough to enjoy the place I live in. S. has had fever, but he's much better now, firth tooth is out. I shoot my cats, I didn't for so long. And, there's been a few new items in the sewing table... three of them will be revealed tomorrow. 


Refashioned Girl Briefs |take 1|

These are part of the items I made last year but haven't blogged about yet. I will try to post everything still, because I really want to document everything I make (for myself mostly). After these, I've been wanting to make a few briefs for my daughter. This time though, I really wanted to draft a pattern from a pair of rtw briefs she had. We both loved them so much, and besides, the pattern I used the first time, is still big on her; so I did. 

I drafted a new pattern out of those rtw and refashioned clothes that no longer fit her into new briefs. I used an elastic I saved from something else, and turns out it wasn't as good as I thought anymore. After I attached it, it stretched more than it should and miss G. didn't wear this more than once. I used the sleeves from a hoodie for this one. I saved the rest of the piece to turn it into a vest, I only need to hem where I cut, or maybe add some bias. The sleeves were too short already, but the body still fits. 

For the second pair I used a preloved top from her as well. I loved loved loved the fabric in this and was so terrible sad when she grew out of it. I saved it into my refashion pile, my first though was "I can use it for cuffs", but I am happy I made something cuter than cuffs. For the waist band I used leftovers from the fabric I used in another project (for myself). 


Glimpse of our last week #27

This is where I show you bits and parts of our week behind the scenes.

A lovely week I'd say. Even though it is way too cold over here, we have enjoyed a few family moments, which warms up my heart. We spent a morning in the beach - how I love to be close to it and visit it in winter, even more than in summer. G. enjoyed being allowed to step into the water. She has also skipped school on dad's free day and we visited Portimão. We did some shopping too, and we got to see the rainbow on our way back. G. loves rainbows, she was just amazed to see a real one. V. has a, eye infection and had to go to the ER because of it, it's lasting too long and was getting worst. He's on new meds now and finally feeling better. I used Aloe Vera to style my babies hair... we had some fun that day! When G. saw her fruit that day she told me "MOM, that fruit is so cute!", then she ate it all. She loves to draw following dots. I found MY Barbie dolls and was devastated because my favourite one had a broken arm =(

And just in case you've missed it... there was something fun in the blog too.

click the link to each day to see what my guests refashioned!


Refashion Week |day 5|

It is here. The last day of this mini series. I feel sad about it, I'd like it to last for longer. I hope you liked to follow along with my guests creations, not bad right? Especially when you think about it: for some was their first time, and others don't often do it. I love to challenge everyone into refashion and I am always so happy when they are up to the challenge! Closing the series I have not two but three wonderful friends to introduce to you. 

Ladies: thank you all so much!!! Muito obrigado por terem entrado nesta brincadeira!!!

Let's start with Ana Sofia from S. is for Sewing. Ana and I have completely different styles, but that doesn't stop me from loving what she does. She's delicate, her sewing is always perfect and she loves Liberty fabrics. Just by looking at a picture I can tell it is one of her works, even if I didn't know that before. And I think that's wonderful when you have your own identity while sewing.

She has participated in Refashion Month before, back then, it was her first time, you can see what she did this time, in here

Inês |Cabanita| is a super mom of 4, with a new baby on the way. She blogs about her daily life with the kids and several other things as cooking, sewing, crafting and organizing. And the thing I love the most about her, is that she's constantly trying to improve those things she cares for. The blog is written in portuguese (apart from today's post, though there is always google translate anyway), and refashioning isn't new for her. 

Read all about her refashion here

Last but not least, Sara. I am sure you already know her, from Made by Sara. She discovered me through this series, a couple editions ago, and I was so happy that she did because she easily and quickly became one of my favourite bloggers. Sara is like a busy bee, pattern testing, pattern tours, reviews... you name it! She's always working on something and she always knows all the right answers to our sewing doubts. 

Just like Ana, it is not her first time as a guest here at House of Estrela, and you can see what she created this time, in here


Refashion Week |day 4| & a tribute!

I can't believe tomorrow is our last stop for this mini version of the Refashion Month Series. And of course I couldn't be out of all the fun and will join with a refashion of my own as well... just scroll down after checking today's guest project. 

She is Carla, and she blogs at Rita Pirolita. I will tell you a secret, when I discovered Carla's blog, I called her Rita for longer than I should, until I realised that wasn't her name. She sews for her kids, and when I look at things she created, I am not sure about how to describe her style, but I like it. Actually, as much as I like her girl's outfits, I have to say I really like what she sews for the boy. Carla is probably the funniest of us all, and I love her for this, we need more people like her. 

She's got me really curious about her project, because when asked for a teaser photo, she nailed it. If you can't wait to know what she made with the jeans above, just click here.

--- my own refashion now --- which is also a tribute --- 

And now that my guest is introduced it is time for me, and see what I did. I joined the ladies that sewed for the boys in their lives, and made a new shirt for my baby boy. But before I get into any details, let me tell you that this shirt is a small tribute to one of my favourite actors. He passed away, this exact day, seven years ago. His name? 

I wanted to sew something inspired in one of his characters and let me tell you, this wasn't easy. My favourites (and I haven't seen them all) were A Knight's Tale and Casanova, but I wanted to sew something practical, something that my kids needed (in this case, what my boy needed). I also kept going back and forth with the Joker character in Batman, but after all, I picked the very first movie I saw staring H. Ledger... 10 Things I Hate About You. I know, I know... he's got so many good movies and I am sewing from this one. It is a movie made for teens, and it is from the 90's, so, guess who was a teen back then?! Besides, the main characters, oh, they were the rebels!!! It had to be this one. 

Inspiration selected, I had to find something in my pile that would fit the challenge. Luckily for me, I had a-not-so-old-but-stained shirt from V. - sometimes I hate that I can't part with some pieces, sometimes I love it! It was the case this time. The shirt was stained with bleach on the front, but because S. is still so little, I was able to use the button plackets as they were. There's a little spot still, but oh well, it's fashion!

I re-used the top of the front and back (original) shirt and cut the sleeves from the lower part of the back, which means I was able to save the sleeves for a future project. I used a pattern from a Patrones magazine, and made a size 12, there were only 3 options (6 - 12 - 24M). It was so easy and quick to put together and I feel like I need this projects, that I can whip up when the baby sleeps or stays quiet beside me.


Refashion Week |day 3|

I don't know about you, but I've been enjoying my guests posts so much, and I am still excited to see all the ones that are yet to come until friday. And just like yesterday, today's bloggers have two things in common, they both live abroad too, and they did a refashion for their boys! So far, boys are winning here!

Let me introduce you Rita, from Conversas de Hermanas. Living in Spain, she shares her blog with her friend Fatima. I am pretty sure I discovered Rita through Project Run & Play too. What can I say about her? She's funny, friendly and very generous. I love everything she sews for her kids and her fabric choices are always perfect. 

Check her refashion here

An ocean away from Portugal, Soraia from the blog Sew Happy is now living in the USA with her family. Soraia doesn't blog for too long, but we're all glad she finally decided to share her stuff with the world. I'd say she is a perfeccionist sewist and she's got an eye for quality materials. Her style is rather classic and personal. 

Isn't her son just the cutest here? Go read all about her refashion, over her blog
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